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Annual Flowers To Improve Shady Garden

Often, when the garden season begins, we strive to preserve the instant and lasting color of annuals. It can be disappointing if you have a shady garden, as most available annuals need full sun to bloom and continue to bloom.

In my early years of gardening, I often had dark, shady places that I wanted to add brightness in the short term with annuals, but found them hard to find. A walk through the kindergarten was only shallow after shallow of sun-loving annuals, but not for shade! So I went in search of those who would tolerate shade and really give color to those shady places.

My efforts have been rewarded and over the years I have found many annuals for shadows that thrive in the darkest corners of my garden while giving me a beautiful floral and colorful representation.

7 types of foliage and flowers that grow in the shade

1. Sweet Alyssum

One of the sweetest fragrant flowers that grow in the shade, Sweet Alyssum can handle heat safely. Drought tolerant, sweet Alyssum grows in shady, dry places where it is difficult to obtain color. Their small bouquets do well when planted in bunches. Pollinators love you!

2. Begonia

Begonias are one of the most famous flowering plants for shade and come in a range of colors. Their flowers can be ruffle-shaped or flat, large or small and thrive in containers or shady flowerbeds. Begonias are resistant to deer, so if you have an area where you can’t keep these pesky deer, you should plant begonias there. Grow regularly in well-grown soils with good Drainage and dead head.

3. Pea Plant

Depending on where you live, you may have seen pea plants in the houseplants section. However, due to their bright white, pink or red leaves, they also provide a great shade every year. The addition of attractive foliage helps to lighten dark and shady places. And come in the fall, feel free to dig them up and take care of them when the weather gets colder.

4. Thought

These sweet flowers are a garden staple for a reason. They are extremely resistant, available in a variety of sizes and colors and even edible. Thoughts are low maintenance and require only regular watering and Deadheading.

5. sweet potato vine

Another shade known for its foliage, sweet potato vine is not the same vegetable you can find on your dining table. Indeed, it is an ornamental year known for its leaves of Chartreuse or Burgundy. Vines grow quickly for a long time and are ideal for hanging baskets and containers. They quickly fill the area and give your garden an almost tropical feel.

6. Impatient

Impatiens grow as hilly shrubs covered with flowers in red, pink, purple or white. They are a good choice for containers, hanging baskets or edge plants. Plant them in a shady place after the end of the season and water them frequently.

7. Action
If you think about annual flowers for shade, do not forget about those that come from seeds! In garden centers it can sometimes be difficult to find supplies, but seeds are much more readily available.

A fragrant spring bloom flower that adds a little size and a Ton of color. Thanks to their robust stem, they ensure a powerful and durable cut flower. If you feel like bringing flowers indoors, they should be in stock!

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